Terms and conditions of use.

The Sprl is the exclusive owner of all rights pertaining to the present site.
Any use or reproduction of this site without the agreement of the owner is forbidden.

I. Acceptance

Any use of the site is submitted to a previous acceptance of the terms and conditions of the site as formulated by the sprl .

The users are not authorized to use the site without having previously accepted these terms and conditions. At the first visit of the site, the user that wishes to post an obituary notice must click on the "I accept" button.

By doing this, the user acknowledges and accepts the contents of the terms and conditions.

II. Right of use

The sprl authorizes the user to consult the site to read the information and/or to introduce a notice on the site.

Regarding the posting of notices, the sprl is in no way responsible of the conformity of the notice in relation to reality.
The posting of a notice is made under the total responsibility of the user.
In the case of prejudice caused to a third party due to the posting of a notice, the user alone is responsible.
No legal action can be initiated against the sprl .

The owner of the site also retains the right to refuse without justification, the posting of any notice.

The sprl is in no way responsible for the content of the pictures displayed on the site. The owner of the site also retains the right to refuse without justification, the posting of any picture. Its role only consists in the display of pictures during the lifetime of the notice without any responsability of back up, storage and restitution of the pictures.

III. Posting duration.

The site will be available for the posting of notices for a minimum three month period.

In the case of a false or mistaken notice, the posting will immediately and automatically be corrected or deleted without reimbursment and this under the total discretion of the owner of the site.

IV. Responsibility of the user.

The user is alone responsible for the use he makes of the site, as well as for the content of the data that he communicates.
If the sprl is informed or has serious reasons to believe that the user of the site or the data communicated by the user through the site are illegal or liable to infringe on the rights of the sprl or of third parties,
the sprl may immediately interrupt delivery of the service to the user or, at the choice of the sprl , block his access to the site or to the service and may take all necessary steps, technical or other, to put an end to this infraction or this infringement, without any right to compensation by the user.

V. Obligations of the sprl

The sprl commits to put the site and the service at the disposal of the user.

The sprl commits to allow whenever possible for the user to access the site, in the limits described in article VII.
In case of breakdown, overload or malfunction of the site or of bad use of the site by the user or a third party disrupting the smooth running of the site of the sprl, the latter retains the right to interrupt or temporarily limit the use of the site without any compensation whatsoever.
The sprl commits to do everything in its power to allow a smooth running of the site and of the service. Nevertheless, we are dealing with new technologies and the sprl cannot give any guarantee as to their good performance.

The sprl is in no way responsible towards the user or third parties for any damage or inconveniencies which should be caused by a malfunction of the site that would be inherent or external to it.

VI. Guarantees and responsibilities of the sprl

The reponsibility of the sprl can only be invoked in the limits of the following ; for any other case of reponsibility, the user formally renounces to engage any action in responsibility towards the owner of the site :

  • The failure to post a notice subsequent to an error made by the sprl. In this case the only compensation that the user can ask for is the reimbursment of the price of his notice.
  • Mistake in the posting of a notice following an error made by the sprl. In this case, the user shall be compensated of his eventual damage by the posting of a new notice.
VII. Jurisdiction.

The Courts of the judicial counties of Brussels in French language shall be competent for any case regarding the present site. The applicable law shall be the Belgian law.

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